Kebab Kitchen: a new London street food project

Time to tell you about something that’s been gestating for a while. I’m setting up a street food venture with James Ramsden called Kebab Kitchen. We’re going to be selling beautiful unminced doners using free-range meat (Suffolk chicken, West Country lamb), hot lavash bread, smoked garlic buffalo yoghurt sauce, red cabbage lightly pickled in pomegranate molasses, onions with sumac and lemon zest, fat roasted chillies, searing hot sauce, crunchy cucumber and tomato sprinkled with nigella (not Nigella) … that kind of thing.

James and I spent a couple of cold, rainy, raki-soaked weeks travelling round Turkey plundering ideas and methods for the ‘babs. In Gaziantep by the Syrian border we found a recipe for the most stunning, bright-red marinade; in Istanbul we pulled sizzling wood-roasted lamb off skewers with our teeth; near Izmir we found the perfect roasted chilli. Without making any bold claims of authenticity – we’re only ‘Eastern-ish’ – it’s all gone into this project.

We’re a mobile outfit – stalls and markets and so on; we’re on the lookout for the right permanent pitch but are itinerant for the time being. We’re launching this Friday at The StockMKT in Bermondsey Square – 10 minutes from London Bridge. Other events are planned over the summer, and we have some private parties booked.

It’s been tremendous fun setting this up – even the headachey bits like hygiene certificates, HMRC forms, health and safety courses, meetings with accountants, business plans and spreadsheets. We’re still working out how it’s all going to run. But we hope you’ll come down and join us for a proper British kebab.


6 thoughts on “Kebab Kitchen: a new London street food project

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  2. Nice to meet you yesterday – the kebab was delicious, will definitely be back to try the chicken some time!

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