The Kracie Happy kitchen powdered hamburger from Japan

The packet came, with its unmistakeably Japanese garishness, its jarring colours, fonts, slashes and squiggles. Inside it lay the Kracie Happy Kitchen powdered hamburger meal: a new and unsettling miniature. Six foil sachets filled with powders, some plastic cutlery and plastic tubs. You open the box, slice along dotted lines, cut out the plastic tubs, get some water, mix the powders separately, spread stuff, microwave stuff, and gradually assemble a fast food lunch, or what such a lunch might look like if it was designed by an alien working to a five-year-old’s drawing of a Happy Meal.

I was in Japan recently for the first time, and experienced one the most refined and elegant cuisines in the world. But much of it isn’t half strange. This is the country where someone – or, more likely, a group of people – decided that the best image with which to decorate a packet of Doritos was two men in wetsuits kicking each other in the balls.

This is the land of tinned bread, 80 different KitKat flavours, octopus ball crisps, candied squid on sticks, food that moves, and cuboid watermelons. There’s a lot of rote and ritual around food, and there’s a love of small things – tiny fish eggs, little bowls of ozony sea-stuff. People obsess over presentation. And you can see these aspects in the powdered hamburger. Assembling it took me the best part of an hour. I couldn’t read the instructions, so I copied a YouTube video.

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9 thoughts on “The Kracie Happy kitchen powdered hamburger from Japan

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  3. How utterly bizarre!

    I showed this to a colleague and we’ve been arguing non-stop for about 2 hours about it.

    Basically, my colleague believes that you should have reviewed it purely on the fact that it’s a novelty and not talked about how terrible the food is whereas I am the opposite, fair enough it’s a novelty but it is a food product so it should be treated that way.

    His logic is like my American football team going 1-15 in a season and saying “they had good players, so they’re still a playoff team.”

    It’s been frustrating but fun! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks for the article.


  4. Goodness! Is this really edible? Did you eat it? It just looks a tad dodgy and not knowing what the ingredients are is a major put off. Japan produces some of the most weirdest stuff. I just hope this isn’t made of shark or whale meat.

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