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This is a sponsored advertorial provided by Sacla UK

Post-Party Food

As any party animal knows, the breakfast after a big night is essential to ensure the next
day isn’t a complete write-off. If your big night out has drained your cash reserves, having
an easy and inventive breakfast recipe to hand will help you avoid the hangover without
forking out and, as an added bonus, without having to leave the house. With the great range of products waiting to be found at Sacla.co.uk, you’ll be all set to create your own cheap and cheerful alternative to a café fry-up, with a touch of Italian class to set you up in style for the day ahead.

Inspiration for an Effortless Morning Meal

Shakshuka, the delicious Middle Eastern dish of eggs, tomato and spices, is the perfect
antidote to morning after blues and the inevitable sore head. It’s simple to prepare, uses
ingredients that you’re likely to have lying around in your cupboard and fridge, and can easily be adapted or expanded to cater to your equally party-worn friends.

To begin, sauté onions and peppers in oil, before adding a heady medley of coriander,
thyme, parsley and bay leaves. When the smell has got your mouth watering, throw in the
chopped tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.

If you’re feeling up to an extra spicy kick, you might want to sprinkle in some cayenne
pepper at this point in the process. Simmer for around 15 minutes, adding water at regular
intervals to maintain the consistency of pasta sauce. Then make two wells in the mixture
by separating it with a spoon, and break two eggs into the spaces. Cook gently for 10 more minutes, if you can wait that long!

Finally, to give your breakfast a twist of rich flavour unique to Italian recipes, top the whole
thing off with a scrumptious squirt of basil pesto from the new Sacla’ squeezy bottle. Serve
immediately with a generous wedge of thick, crusty white bread. Try it for yourself and let
cultures collide and the taste sensation begin.

Beyond Breakfast

Sacla’ products form a delicious accompaniment to meals at any time of day or night. You
can serve the shakshuka on top of Sacla’ Fresh Trofie pasta for a big warming dinner perfect for fending off the winter chill. Add a dash of Organic Basil Pesto to a steaming jacket potato stuffed with creamy mozzarella for a quick yet satisfying lunch.

For a mid-afternoon snack with bite, just tip a jar of Fiery Chilli pesto into a dipping bowl and enjoy with tortilla chips. To keep up-to-date with ingenious recipe suggestions, follow Sacla’ on Twitter where you’ll also find the latest on competitions and supermarket deals to perk up your next grocery shop.

This is a sponsored advertorial provided by Sacla UK.

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